Warming Hut

Warming Hut. the work.group architecture

The Warming Hut is a spherical form that appears the same from every angle; in a depthless landscape it is an object as large or as small as the mind permits. It lends nothing to the scale of the terrain; it is enigmatic and intentionally obscure. Yet, its colouration strives to stand out, to appear as a surface or an object that awaits ahead of the viewer from every perspective--a punctuation in the landscape, a floater before the eye.

Dazzle camouflage further obscures its aspect of depth to impose an abstract, circular non-sequitur against a frozen background. The sphere is a spectral mirage, an inscrutable waypoint at infinite distances, luring the visitor across the physical universe to a gateway--a wormhole--to a foreign, alien reality. A hitch in the fabric of winter, it is an oasis on the ice.

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